"MILAN (my-lin) is a multifaceted artist, musician, producer and designer pursuing authentic, creative self-expression in order to inspire, connect and encourage insightful self-reflection.

The MILAN brand embraces those who see the need for more creative self-expression, carry the desire to create it and join together to form a safe and welcoming community of artists, creators and supporters with the hopes of encouraging and empowering them to create and express their true, authentic selves in all ways, always. 


MILAN produces musical, visual and tangible experiences expressing themes of self-discovery, sensuality, yearning, and connection in all that she does. With a background in Sound Design, MILAN is her own sound engineer. She arranges, performs, records and presents musical experiences from studio to stage.


Using her voice, lyrical style and recollections of her own life and experiences, MILAN captures imagery, life and expression in hopes to connect with and inspire others on a deeper level.

"Together, we form the canvas on which our true colors can paint."

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