"MILAN (my-lin) is a collective that embraces those who see the need for more creative self-expression and carry the desire to create it. It's not for the narrow-minded or for those on a set path, it's for those who are open to the creative journey. 


Through music, video, design, social media interaction and various collaborative opportunities, I use my light-hearted, humorous and honest voice to construct a safe and welcoming community of artists, creators and supporters with the hopes of encouraging and empowering them to create and express their true, authentic selves in all ways, always. 


This brand has blossomed from my own desire for creative self-expression through various artistic outlets. It follows my musical/artistic journey with the hope of inspiring others to follow their own. 


Together, we form the canvas on which our true colors within can paint."




Hi, I'm MILAN. Thanks for stopping by! 

Here's a bit about me:

Milan ("my-lin") is my Mother's maiden name. I call myself MILAN because of the love and support I've received from my family over the years. I feel honored to represent them through my art and life's work.

In the fall of 2015 I began recording my debut album, "MĪLAN".  I wrote for over six months and a year later the album was released, but the journey had only just begun.

Since the release of my first record, I've allowed myself time to prioritize my need for personal growth and development. While I didn't fully step away from music, I found that I had a lot to learn about life. This time of reflection has helped me appreciate my gifts and "tune in" to my deep desire for creativity.

 The inspiration for this brand era has blossomed from my "rooted" love of Earth and Stone. In my time of reflection, I grew a deep appreciation for plants. I cherish the chance to nurture nature within my environment. It's in this gentle care for other beings that I find peace. 


I've always appreciated the beauty of marble and sculpture. Greek sculptors in the Hellenistic Period captured movement and naturalism in their figures. To me, these sculptures symbolize the essence of my music in its detailed, elegant yet sensual nature while remaining bold and empowering. 

It is my hope that you will enjoy listening and following my journey.

Warmest Regards,